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Imagine that you are floating on top of the ocean. Your face is above the water and your ears are below to cover all sounds. Your eyes are open to see the sky, your lungs are full to keep you afloat and there is nothing to worry about. You are free, there are no weights or anything to pull you under. You just sit and enjoy the sights, the smell of the water, the feel of the water, the taste of the water and in that one moment, in that one second you just are. You are one withe ocean and all that is in it. You are at peace and there is nothing to do later, no thoughts of your past, of your future, no thoughts of things to do, people to see, what person to be. The clouds above are white and puff to different shapes as they float past. These are how I spend my days. Now that I have decided that my way will be different.

I will tell you what it will be different from and that was my life just one year ago. My days were filled with things to do, a job that took at least 50-60 hours away from me every week. A house that was beautiful but only if it was cleaned, painted, mowed, manicured, heated, and maintained. 2 cars to change the oil in, maintain, and fix. My garage was filled with tools, a lawn mower, and countless other things. I was chasing more and more. Once I got the house, and cars, and career, and all that I needed my ego kicked me in the face by saying no, this isn’t enough. What else do you want the house is full of stuff, my car is full of stuff, my garage is full of stuff, there is no more room for stuff. What else do you want and why are you not happy. I want more is all that it said. I realized that this is crazy, insane that I needed more, I wanted more, I was a failure unless I had more. I can remember moving and having a pile of things stacked up to my ceiling and feeling overwhelmed and amazed at what I have given all my time to acquire and it was on the floor to the ceiling all of it breakable, and at ease for destruction. I have since found my way.

A year ago I sold all the stuff, all the goodies, all the reasons I told myself why I have to work so hard, all the missed birthdays, weekends, and school functions. I sold it all. I had an epiphany. I had a realization that this is just not worth it. I was bored. I was uneasy, I was lost. I needed to have a life, I needed to know that what I was doing mattered and not in a way that made me some hero but in a way that me authentic. I wanted to find my passions. I had been reading many books about “the law of attraction” and just by wanting something it will come. I made a plan, I wanted out of my job and and my house, and my responsibilities so I can travel and see the world. We moved onto the open road and it was great. We saw New York City, Cape Cod, sold jewelery in the French Market of New Orleans and had a great time as a family. I am part of a foursome including my beautiful wife whom is very talented with <a href=”http://littlecircles.net”>paper</a>, my daughter who is goofy and will make you feel like you are the only person that exisists, and my son who is the most loveable kid you will meet. We are happy.

My foursome came to Hawaii about 10 months ago and never left. We were going to continue our journey in the states but felt led to just be here. The people are wonderful, of course it’s beautiful, and we all loved the culture. This is right now our heaven. I am now of the school of thought that you must seek to find your heaven. It’s not in another lifetime but now. It can be arrived at by your thinking. Your thoughts will create for you either heaven, peaceful and beautiful, or hell full of regret and pain. One year ago I chose heaven. I chose to break the cycle of thinking that I have to have a job, work it for 40 years, only be a parent, and I can probably retire, I am not at any functions or at any family events because I am at work. I am not mentally at home because I was at work or thinking about work ,or dreading work. I was bored and miserable.

I am thankful that I found my way. I am thankful that every day I realize the more I trust myself and believe in myself that I realize I am doing great. I am unstoppable. It is not just me I have come to realize that is unstoppable but everyone, no matter the circumstance, age, gender, or race. We are all part of this and all have equal share to heaven. We can all do it, we can all escape.

A new day.

iPublicate has been up and going for a few months and there has been a learning curve as to how we should run it.  I had glorious ideas when the concept first hit me, but when it actually came to making the site go… well, lets just say that I got a bit overwhelmed.  I was so incredibly sidetracked by all of the behind the scene goings-on, that I forgot about all of the fun that I was supposed to be having.  The dust has settled a bit in my mind and I have dipped my toes in the pool of clarity.  I have some ideas and I am ready to run with them.

I am sick of balance and I think the concept should go away.  Trying to keep everything separate but even is driving me insane.  I am a mother, a wife, an artist, a lover of learning, a spiritualist, a teacher of craft, an explorer,  a long distance friend, and a inner child that still likes to play.  I am none of these equally. I am all of these.  The scales tip heavy in different categories on different days.  I used to feel guilt about this.  Balance.  That’s what I needed.


That just brought on more guilt because it never worked.  There was always something I was more passionate about at that given moment.  But today is a new day.  A better day.  A day where I say to hell with balance.  To hell with separate.  Yes to easy.  Today I combine all of my loves right here on iPublicate.

People are messy.  They are complicated.  They are intricate.  They are perfect.  I am and I bet you are too.  I want to learn and to teach.  I want to make and buy.  I want to listen and be heard.  And I want to do all these things in one place. I want a community of people like me. I want to share my life with you and learn about yours.  Let’s teach each other what we know.  Let’s feed each other’s soul.



Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from your friends at www.ipublicate.com. Thank you so much for you support at the new venture. It has been truly awesome to see everyones’ hobbies come alive. We have had much traffic and sales and we continue to pave the way for people to self publish what excites you. iPublicate is honored to be your destination for all things creative and it is best when it comes directly from the source. www.ipublicate.com can do many things for you in this upcoming year and we could not be happier. We are the one stop for you to create, upload, sell, and get paid for making your own tutorials all the while keeping all the rights to your materials. It costs nothing to put your material on the site and we do not charge until you sell. We can showcase your talents in a unique and interesting way and together we can show the world what excites you.

The energy behind ipublicate is a way to take your hobbies and things you find fun and bring them to the next level. If you really love to snowshoe, whitewater raft, grow tomatoes, create jewelry, or macramé there is someone out there who wants to either start or improve on the exact same thing you do. This is incredible when you think about it and we are all out dedicated to connecting the two of you. The world is not really that big and there are only so many hobbies and fun things to do. iPublicate is a great way to make passive income from the things you would do for free. Why not make a little scratch from creating a PDF or tutorial showcasing the things you love to do and helping someone improve and make life better.

We would love to hear from you on ways to keep ipublicate improving and are currently looking to showcase some new artists and merry makers on our front page. This is a great way to get your name out there. Please let us know if you are interested in being on our featured artist page and possibly publish one of your tutorials for free for people to see what you are all about and create a following. You can make money while you sleep, cook, or work your regular job. Please write us at ipublicate@ipublicate.com if you are interested in being on our featured mentor site. I will continue to blog about the fun things ipublicate is doing as well as just being awesome, turning off the TV, and surrounding myself with life and experiences. Thank you and I hope your holidays are amazing and fun. Make this the best holiday yet and keep on ipublicating!

Artists and Fleas

It has been a big transition from going to a traditional job to being self employed. It goes from relying on someone else for a pay check to relying on yourself to book shows, talk with people, set up for a show, and knowing what will work and what will not. There has been a big learning curve and knowing that if you don’t get the job done yourself, no one else will and no one else cares. This is empowering, but can also be intimidating. It is a truly fun process knowing that you can be anywhere and work anywhere as long as you put the work into it as well as the time. It comes down to you and what you are willing to put the time and effort in. The goal is to be completely self sufficient and work on our terms doing the things we love to do, which is to create, spend time with each other, see the country, and have complete freedom to travel and go where we want.

This last week we found a really cool venue in New York City called Artists and Fleas, booked the show and just went. When doing a show in a big city there are a set of challenges that you will not find in a smaller setting. To add to this list of challenges we added in our 2 beautiful children and an 80 pound chocolate Labrador. When considering a venue you also need to consider costs of accommodations, gas, cost of the show, your audience and many other factors. We are currently traveling and using a tent for shelter and housing.

This has worked out great so far but the daily hotel costs for New York is at least $150.00. When doing research we found an old airport in Brooklyn that just started to do camping for around $20.00 a night which is awesome so we went and it worked out great. http://www.nps.gov/gate/index.htm. We arrived one day early to set up camp and get ready for the show the next day. It was a huge space with a landing strip as the road with a patch of Forrest in the middle which they converted to really nice camp areas, side note it is also a training center for Street Sanitation so it was really loud but clean. When booking a show you have a pretty good guess what it is going to be like, but you never truly know if it will be worth your time and costs. We arrived early the next day leaving an hour and a half early to drive 20 miles which was a good idea due to heavy traffic. We arrived at Artists and Fleas in Brooklyn with high expectations and an excitement to be in the big city.

We were ready to go and set up shop! We were placed in a area where they were holding huge signs to put up later in the week which worked out perfect. Erin was in the space making earrings while Ethan and Marnie sat behind the huge signs playing. There was a slow start to the morning, but people started to stroll in and we had a great reception. The people of New York were extremely nice and many of our favorite pieces of art found a new home.

The were kind enough to post an article on their blog about our family.


The journey has been incredible so far and our goals are being met. I would say the biggest thing we do is look at situations the correct way and view the world as a peaceful and kind place and the world will deliver. If you want to travel, stay at home, or just look to make a little money from your hobby anything is possible. We are finding that there is not one single way to accomphlish this and having only one way is not the goal. iPublicate is a way that you can publish yourself and have an additional tool to help you promote yourself and hobbies. There is something that everyone does the way that no one else can do it and we are finding that the world is not so big. It is filled with people who are doing interesting things and we are loving every minute.